Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flabbergasted and Happy, Definitely Happy!

I'm flabbergasted! I just started posting on Monday and already have my first award!

While I'm usually almost as bucky about rules as my Bestie, Mama M--actually she's corrupted me--I used to be MUCH more of a rule follower until she came along . . . HOWEVER I'm going to do my best on this one . . .

The Rulez..
List 10 things that make you happy (I can do that)
Give this award to 10 people (have been in the bloggy world for a week but I'll see what I can come up with!)

10 things that make me happy:

  1. Seeing my son, A, happy
  2. A clean house when I didn't have to clean it
  3. A house full of people eating food I prepared
  4. Painting
  5. God's Grace . . .and His sense of humor
  6. The new Coborn's grocery store in my small town--it is the most PERFECT store!
  7. CookBooks--I use them for inspiration but rarely follow the recipes
  8. A great read
  9. Surprises (good ones obviously)
  10. NYC!!!!

wow . . . I was just getting going . . . could've gone on for days! but I'll stick to 10 per the rules since I'll be breaking them in a bit . . .

Okay, 10 blogs to award this to:

  1. The Bignell Family
  2. Slavik Royalty
  3. Just Another Day in OUR Paradise
  4. All A Bunch of Momsense
  5. And of COURSE Mama M at FiveCrookedHalos
Whew! Okay, Keely, I hope 5 is enough! I'm headed out to the gym for the first time in weeks--gotta train for the Grandma's 5K (and if you don't know the story, head over to Mama M's blog for the complete and humiliating details). Only 6 months to get ready to beat my time!

Then I'm headed back home to get prepped to make Fried Pickles and Black Forest Neopolotins to take to my friends house for New Years tonight--both will be blogged about tomorrow!


  1. Thank you so much girlie! I really appreciate you thinking of me :)

    You have caught on to this blog thing quickly.. doing great.. cant wait to read about your fried pickles. I love me some fried pickles!

    Have a great time tonight

  2. rock! Thanks for the award! You sure picked some great ones! (And...ah...I don't mean ME!)

  3. Hey girl! You rock! Thanks for the love! I will need to follow suit. No time today, but will soon! Go 5k's!!! Jolene....slavik royalty

  4. You are way too sweet, THANK YOU!! I am so super happy you started blogging...have I mentioned that yet!? :) Love your happy list too.

    What is all this starting training before New Years? First Jo now you... I am totally vegging out today, but I will be with you tomorrow! I wish we all lived closer, it is a MILLION times more fun working out with friends! 6 Months, WOOT! :)

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Just went back and read you guest post on Mama M's blog and even though I have heard the story in person it totally brought tears to my eyes again! You are AMAZING girl! So glad I was able to meet you in real life. (That kind of came out sounding like I would never see you again, but we know THAT ain't the truth!!) :)

  6. Yay! Happy New Year Girl! Have fun tonight and I seriously cannot wait to read tomorrow's post!

    Lata skata!