Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Two Sons

This post title reminds me of "My Two Dads"--do you remember that show?--which reminds me of Paul Reiser--which reminds me of "Mad About You" . . . loved that show. Anyway, nothing to do with this post--sorry 'bout my bunny-trail-mind!
I told you about my son, A:

(Here's A with a swimcap posing more like a dorky speed skater than a swimmer . . . Someday I'll do a post with the many crazy poses of A . . . )

But I forgot to tell you about my other "son"--Drake:

(He's got the cutest "mohawk" hair and a great smile for a dog if I do say so myself :)

Actually, I'm NOT one of those crazy "my dog is my baby" people (no offense) but Drake is definitely part of the family. We got Drake as a puppy almost 4 years ago and it was the best decision I could've made as a Mom--especially as a single Mom. Drake and A are like brothers--they keep each other company, Drake sleeps on A's bed, and they wrestle like brothers:

But right now Drakey is sick--he woke up the other day limping and lethargic and wouldn't eat. A trip to the Vet and a few blood tests later--Drake has Lyme's disease. The good news is we caught it early and with antibiotics, he should make a full recovery--hopefully without any long term damage. But until then I have a sad puppy . . . .

Get better soon Drakey! Yes we call him Drakey . . .and our favorite Drake inspired song? . . .

Drake, Drake, Drake . . . Drake, Drake, Drake . . .

Drake your Booty! . . . Drake your Booty! . . .

(If you didn't know it before, now you do . . .we're VERY dorky . . . and we love our Drakey)


  1. First, I loved "Mad About You"
    Second, you son is adorable!
    Dorky pose and all. :)
    I hope Drakey feel better soon!

  2. I love your pimped out new blog look!

    And your boys are too cute!

    Get better soon Drakey!


  3. Yours sons are too cute! I have four sons and a daughter (dog) named Maya. She is treated like a dog in this house but I tell everyone that she is my only daughter cause I will never have a little girl. I'm looking forward to reading more and trying out some of your recipes.