Saturday, January 23, 2010

5FQ January 22

Happy Weekend!

I wasn't supposed to have time to post this until tomorrow . . . Sunday . . . because it's our Bestie Getaway weekend and I wasn't supposed to be home until late tonight. We DID have a fantastic time on our Bestie Getaway . . .last night we ate at the Melting Pot (OH YUM!) and then cabbed it over to Nye's Polonaise room and danced with Roger-the-Polka-Legend! (video of this to come!). Today we went to the Mall of America and tonight we were SUPPOSED to meet up with the VERY fabulous Jolene, Laura and Sara! But the dumb, dumb weather psyched us (and some of our family members) out. We kept hearing about "glare ice", "freezing rain", and "dropping temps" and "poor driving conditions" and decided to make a "responsible" choice of canceling our girls night out and driving home early just in case.

When you have to make "responsible" choices regarding driving at the weather it is SUCH a catch22!! Because you're nervous about bad roads and want them to be good . . .but if they ARE good you're thinking "Well then why did we cancel our plans!?!". Mama M and I headed home early and made it home very safe. The roads were wet but not yet frozen. So this is great! but makes our decision to cancel girls night a bit regrettable. But, it is what it is. Girls--we WILL reschedule soon!!!

Okay, so this is why my 5FQ is late but not too late this weekend! Thanks for the Unique and Fun Bloggy Forum Mama M!

What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?
Well right now I'm young(ish) without money and plan to be older WITH money. But I could be wrong about the money part and am guessing I'd still live a great life. Plus Tigger is very bright and I've already told him he and his future wife (like WAY in the future wife . . way way 15 years or so in the future) need to have a bonus room to take care of me when I'm old and feeble. So I'm good.

Who takes out the garbage at your house?
It's kind of a "Not it!" game at our house. Inevitably, we'll drive up to the house on Wednesday after swim practice and I'll see all the neighbors have theirs out on the curb and think "Shoot!". As I pull up to the house I'll tell Tigger, "Hey, please take the garbage out--take that bag and that bag (pointing to full trash bags in the garage) put them in the can and roll it down." If he has a ton of homework or a ton to carry in or if I don't time the "ask" just right, he runs into the house before I get a chance to "make" him do it. However, this is the easiest way to get him to do it. If we're both already in the house when I remember, it's next to impossible for it NOT to be me. See, I walk around the house mostly dressed; but Tigger is barefoot in jammie pants faster than you can blink once he's in the house. Then I'll say "It's garbage night!!" and he'll look at me fully clothed and maybe even with my shoes on and look at himself in his jammies and then look at me and say "really Mom? can't you?" and I'll cave. Totally cave. cuz if it were me in my jammie pants, I'd want someone to do the same thing for me. Darn kid!

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
I have recurring stress dreams of two kinds. General stress will usually result in a dream about me trying to make a phone call and not being able to dial the right numbers to save my life. I'll try and try and will keep misdialling, etc. it's very frustrating.
However, if I"m very stressed about work in particular, I'll have a dream about being in school again . . .it's the last week of the semester and I'll learn that I've been "in" a Math class that I never ever went to and now have to take the final test. I'll spend the dream in various forms of panic trying to figure out either how I got into such a stupid situation or trying to study for test. I blame this particular recurring dream for the feeling of mild panic I get now that Tigger is taking advanced algebra and needs help with his homework . . .

Can you play a musical instrument?

I can read music a little and can play a little piano. and that's it. I took piano when I was little and then took a full semester from an absolute genius in college and would have LOVED to take it longer. If I ever have a larger home, I'd love a piano.

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

After watching Mama M shop for a Mac today at the Apple Store and seeing how ridiculously busy it was in there, I'd say owning an Apple store would be darned profitable. But, seriously, I've always wanted to own a flowershop. There's a local flower shop that will let me walk into their cooler and pick and choose pieces so I can arrange my own bouquet. I LOVE that! I'd own a flowershop with a "live studio" for people to come in and be creative.
But honestly I work with a TON of businesses and would never own a retail shop of any sort. but it's fun to dream :)

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  1. So glad you made it home safe!

    Darn that rain.

    And - I LOVE The Melting Pot and Nye's!!! Oh, Nye's - have more than once enjoyed myself at the piano bar ... :-)

  2. Ah...yes. Apple. The hours would suck, but dang! That would be some good moula! Had a blast!!