Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scarlett vs. The No Bake Cookies

I have a friend, RO, who has forever and ever won the "Favorite Guy" Award in my book--he's a great Christian man, a dedicated husband and friend and quite seriously the nicest man you'll ever meet . . .and he is a KettleBell FANATIC! Yesterday he was out in -28 below weather for some sort of Kettlebell-Maniac-Fest. It's mainly because of him that I've wanted to give Kettlebells a try. My brother is almost as much of a fanatic and brings his kettlebell with him everywhere so he can get in a workout no matter his location. And Bestie Mama M has also recently started so of course I needed to jump on the bandwagon.

So, when I decided to go and purchase my own Kettlebell yesterday I knew I'd need to be serious. And that the Kettlebell had the potential to change my life but may not be the nicest about it (I've heard of massive soreness after Kettlebell workouts). Given all that, I decided to NAME my new 7lb. Kettlebell "Scarlett"--after Scarlett O'Hara--she's tough and fiesty and you gotta love her even if you don't like her. Meet Scarlett:

Today I WILL have my first workout with Scarlett and tomorrow I'm going to begin in earnest work toward a number of health-related goals for 2010--including making a return visit to the Grandma's 5K (if you haven't read the story, click here for a really good laugh--some have been known to cry/pee pants with laughter). One of the things I'll be working on with a few good friends is a Weight Loss Bible Study--more on that in a future post.

BUT, being the procrastinator I am and loving a good excuse to make something delicious, when I read the Pioneer Woman's recipe for French Onion soup yesterday I knew I would make it today as a "final meal". In fact, the onions are browning in the oven as I type--smells DELICIOUS--and it's the maiden voyage of my new Paula Deen Casserole:

In addition, last night a friend and I were talking about how delicious No Bake Cookies are and I knew they had to accompany P-Dub's French Onion soup for my last meal. No Bake Cookies are a childhood favorite because I could make them myself . . .

And because I don't bake . . .

And because they are beyond delicious.

And besides, I haven't made them in YEARS and needed something to food-blog about.

And because I couldn't food blog about P-Dub's French Onion soup when she's already done that so beautifully.

And are those enough excuses so I can make them and not feel guilty?

Hmm . . but Scarlett is mocking me from her spot under the TV . . .mocking and calling. Okay, so I'll make the No Bake Cookies AND workout with Scarlett and they'll cancel each other out. Yeah, that's the ticket.
If you're looking to put off YOUR 2010 health goals today as well, make these--you likely have the ingredients in the house. C'mon you know you want to . . .
Yes, I'm terrible.
(Please don't stop reading my blog. )

Procrastination No Bake Cookies:
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
4 Tbsp Cocoa powder
1/2 cup Peanut Butter (I prefer smooth for this recipe)
1 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 cups Oatmeal

Melt Butter. btw, I ADORE how cute these little half sticks are:

Anyway, melt butter with sugar, milk, and cocoa powder on the stovetop and bring to boil for 90 seconds.

(But be careful when you're trying to scoop cocoa powder and take a photo at the same time. It may backfire) As the teenager would say: FAIL

Take off the heat and Add the peanut butter. btw, one of my favorite things is a fresh jar of PB--something about how smooth it looks:

Then stir in 3-4 cups Oatmeal:

Try to distract teenage son from devouring bowl before you can turn them into "cookies"

Plop spoonfuls on a cookie sheet to cool.

Enjoy! And now go workout! Or not. But if Scarlett is yelling at you, you may not have a choice (darn it)


  1. These ingredients are going on my grocery list RIGHT NOW!

  2. These are a fav. of my grandmothers. I heart no bake cookies and as for scarlett.. I would put her in the closet for the night and shut the door.. but only until tomorrow ;)

  3. No bake? Perfect, because I don't do baking either but I do do cookies. (do do...hahaha) I guess it's too late now though being I only have 3 and 1/2 hours until Monday...UNLESS I could just eat them all tonight still...hmmm...

  4. Laura--go for it! Or make them and practice moderation (one of my goals for 2010 :)

  5. My Gran used to make those cookies all the time for us!! I love them!! I'm gonna write down the recipe cause I don't have it..I haven't made them in ages..YUM-O..

    Dude..Scarlett's a 7lbder..Mine's only 5..You go girl!