Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breakfast Sundae

I LURVE Sundaes. Not Sundays--well I also LOVE Sundays as in the day of the week (but for different reasons than I love Sundaes). I'm talking about Sundaes--ice cream, crunchy toppings (always crunchy toppings), syrup, whipped cream and a cherry (always a cherry . . . or two).

For years now I've been making variations of sundaes without ice cream--mainly because Tigger* loves ice cream and the less I eat the less I have to hear "Hey, Mom?!?! What happened to all the ice cream?!?!" It ends up being a great deterrant to ice cream eating (not a bad thing for me really) as I'm a fan of "picking my battles" and ice cream isn't worth the fight (in my book). So, why and how would you make a Sundae without Ice Cream? Use pudding! Fat Free, Sugar Free (or not) pudding is a great substitute and i still get the cold & creamy factor. Yum!

But last night I was hankerin' for a Sundae and had no pudding . . . but I did have yogurt. So I made a "Breakfast Sundae". Here's what you'll need:

(Yogurt, Cereal, Canned Whipped Cream, Chocolate Syrup, and a Cherry (always a Cherry)).

Honestly, the whipped cream, syrup and cherry are optional (but if you just a bit they don't add much for calories).

I just love the cool & creamy mixed with the crunchy. so I thought I'd share this (probably not so) novel idea--you know, in case any of you lurve sundaes and wanted to find a way to make them healthier. Breakfast after Dinner! We actually love "Brinner"--Breakfast for Dinner--and this would've made a great After-Brinner-Treat. But it was just a regular evening snack. That's it. YUM!

*Tigger--My 14 year old son who, if you've been reading the blog, has been called "A" will now be called Tigger. (Ha! that feels a bit like a program note: "The role of The Wizard will now be played by . . . ") Why? Because "A" gets confusing as "a" could also be a part of the sentence. And because Bestie Mama M reminded me that we used to call him "Tigger" when he was little because dude could jump off of just about anything and spring back up like Tigger. Seriously. Other children would try to follow suit and get hurt while Tigger would just bounce off to the next thing--like there were springs in the kids knees. He's still a bit like that. So, when Mama M reminded me of this I was like "YES! I have a new-less-confusing-name for him on my blog." The end.


  1. Yum!! Well...minus the cherry. Blech. Cherry's stink...they're kinda like mushrooms in my book.

    Look, you've gone and undone all the hard work I put into protecting Tigger from things like mushrooms...and cherrys. Poor kid...I think I need to call child protection.


  2. You and your picky texture phobias can go corrupt your own kids! Leave Tigger alone--it took me 4 years to deprogram him after you convinced him he hates mushrooms . . .now he eats them raw as a snack. HA! :)

  3. Ohhhh yum, looks tasty! I had to make (fat free, sugar free) pudding tonight and steal a couple bites of Alexa's...I have been dying for sweets all week, when will it go away!?! :)
    We try to make our own version of the McDonald's parfaits, but honestly it is never even close so we go hit the drive-thru and pick up about 8 for the week. SO good! :)