Monday, January 4, 2010

Man-Boy Hunter Child

For not being an outdoorswoman (I'm what you'd call "Indoorsy" ala Jim Gaffigan), I somehow produced an amazing little Man-Boy Hunter Child. (Fairly certain I have my Dad to thank for that). And tonight we ate the deer sausage to prove it:

(served along side a baked sweet potato = YUMMM!)

'A' went hunting this Fall with my Dad and brother (and a whole crew of guys) out in the prairie of North Central SD. They go hunting every year but this was A's first time participating in the actual hunt (usually the men would hunt and then the boys would get to shoot at stuff--but not really hunt). After this trip I now call 'A' my Man-Boy Hunter Child.

So, on A's first shot of the day he took down TWO pheasant at once--ended up bagging 6 total. And then, at toward dusk on the first day out, he spotted a 4x4 (8 point) Buck out his window. In SD you can road hunt (meaning you can stop the car, get out, and shoot from the road). My Dad's friends out in the prarie are a little old school and hard core and fully encouraged him to try to shoot it from the car--out the window--and he got it! on the first shot! Even more hilarious was that this hunting party only had 1 Deer tag and 'A' got it before the guys got to really deer hunt. Oops.

You may not be a hunter or support hunting--and maybe it's a midwest Mama thing . . . But, I gotta say I was one proud Mama. Ironically this was this the same weekend in November that Mama M's son (she calls him Big A) shot TWO Bucks in one trip here in MN. Our boys grew up together and the both ended up being Man-Boy Hunter Children . . .

(My 'A' + Mama M's 'A' + Mama M on our Reunion Road Trip--I just reread Mama M's post and forgot that she called my A "Tigger" to keep things straight on the blog post. Now that really does take me back! I'm going to start calling him Tigger in real life--he'll LOVE it!)

They're growing up so FAST! A has officially been taller than me for months and never tires from reminding me--he especially loves it when I'm barefoot or wearing flats and he has his big tennis shoes on and then comes up next to me, peers down his nose and laughs.

It's an odd feeling, having a Man-Boy in the house--still a boy who wants juice and who wrestles with his dog. Yet clearly turning into a young man (shaving his mustache--aaahhhh!). And because I don't have any others, I try hard not to think about how FAST it's all going and how soon he'll be gone . . . . seriously makes me tear up . . . .(*shakes head and sniffs*)

But other than the whole growing up WAY too fast thing, I have to say I have LOVED the teen years and feel really blessed. Plus, there's a ton of deer sausage.


  1. Ahhhhh way to go A, congratulations!! We (as in not me but the hubby) are way into hunting over here so he would be proud of him! I can imagine tearing up a lot with a teenager growing up, I do it already with a 1 & 3 year old. :)

    Have a great week!!

  2. You get deer sausage, and I get a freezer full of hunks of meat...and I'm not talkin' the Chippendale's!

    Thanks for the laugh...that is hilarious!

  3. Go hunters!!! I want some venison sausage!