Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roasty Toasty Chickpeas

So earlier today I booked a hotel room on Something about the finality of putting my credit card info in before I really know what I'm getting (i.e. at least the name of the hotel) makes me excited and nervous . . .anxious. Which makes me want to eat. I know, I know, I have a problem. I'm working on it :) How do you deal with anxiety?

Anyway, I did, in fact push the button and get a great hotel room in downtown Minneapolis for just $55--love it when it works out!

But, before I hit the "bid" button, I did make a snack. It's a quick, healthy, cheap and easy snack that you and your kids will love. Crispy and salty like popcorn but packed with protein . . . YUM!

Roasty Toasty Chickpeas:

Start with a can of these:

Drain and Rinse:

Quickly pat dry on a towel:

throw 'em on a baking sheet, drizzle with oil and dust with salt & pepper or any seasoning you like:

Toast in a 425 degree oven for 15 minutes, take a spatula and kind of toss them around and then put them back in for 10 minutes until toasty, crunchy, yummy!

You may want to crack open 2 cans . . . Tigger and I fight over these as well . . .


  1. I love me crunchy snacks!! I am totally going to try this one out, thanks! :)

  2. Mmmmmm...that looks really yummy!! The count down is on...Besties Night Out in 4 days!!! Eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

  3. Wow, I would have never thought to do this. It sounds like a good snack, healthy too! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Okay I need to try this! I'm not as healthy of a snacker as I should be, but I need to change & I'm willing to try stuff that looks good. And this looks good!!! Thanks!