Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get 'R Done Club!

As someone who is habitually "unkept," I tend to avoid starting and (even moreso) finishing domestic projects. Being single, I get kind of lonely and bored doing those things on my own. I not only need the accountability but I also need the company!

So one night when I was out with my friend A (top left in the photo below)--who's also a single mom of teenage boys--we conceived of a fantastic idea. We invited our friend, Red, and we were good to go . . .

The Get 'R Done Club!

Concept--each month, we rotate to one of our homes. That person is the "host" and gets to choose a project for us all to work on at their home for 3-4 hours. (Host cooks or provides snacks). We may add 1 more, but I think 3-4 people is perfect for this concept. We've talked about some months using our time to volunteer for a cause of the hosts choice instead. No restrictions on the type of project we'll be doing. The host just needs to let the others know ahead of time so we can dress appropriately.

Today was our Inaugural Get 'R Done Club gathering! And I got to be the first host! I was originally thinking we'd paint my bathroom--because I have new bathroom decor I'm waiting to put up.

However, my bedroom has been an absolute disaster for a LONG time. Almost 2 years ago, I had started redecorating my bedroom. I got 1 coat of paint up and bought a new bedspread and about that time the guy I'd been dating and I broke up . . .and I lost steam for a new bedroom (geesh, that sounds tacky--but this was before I was Saved). Anyway, the point of this story is that the paintcans and brushes got stuck in a corner of my room for a day when I'd "feel" like finishing.

About 6 months after that I had my basement finished and redid the flooring in my home office. All of the filing boxes that weren't needed daily for work got moved into my bedroom . . .

Fast forward to now: walls are still half painted and splotchy, the 10 file boxes are still in the room, dust bunnies the size of full grown rabbits have taken up residence between said boxes and I live like a refugee in my own home. AND I don't have a headboard. I've always wanted a headboard. I think a headboard says "I am an established adult. I have a job. I take care of myself. I respect myself. I sleep with confidence that my bed will NOT roll away from the wall during the night. I am rooted as a person." Yeah, there's alot riding on that one piece of bedroom furniture. *sighs* oh Headboard, I hope I find you soon!

So last night as I'm picking out paint colors for the bathroom--and vascilating between colors--I decide instead that I should use my 'Get R Done" time to get my Bedroom DONE! But I wake up this morning in a cold sweat--A and Red are good friends but do they really want to see the reality of how their friend lives like a refugee?? And do i have to do "precleaning" before they get here? and I don't even know where to start!? and I should just cancel . . .I mean really this is a dumb idea . . . yeah I'll cancel and not have to ever deal with my room. Being a refugee isn't so bad.

I manage NOT to text them to cancel and Red and A arrive at 1:30

by 4:30:
  • We prayed over my room and the house and gave the space to God
  • The boxes were moved to the basement
  • The dustbunnies were evicted from my bedroom
  • The huge pile of random clothes were sorted
  • Summer clothes and clothes that WILL FIT me in 2 months (20 pounds lighter) are placed in marked boxes
  • 3 bags of clothes, shoes and books are awaiting Good Will in the back of my vehicle
  • The bed was moved and many sock-mates were found
  • The walls and trim were touched up and second coats were applied where needed!
  • Only one time did I have to say (when moving the bed) "wait! don't look! unders . . .okay . . got em . . you can look now."
  • countless stories and real quality friend time was shared.
When we finished, I had Mama M's Carrot Gravy (prepped prior to their arrival and simmering while we worked) ready for our enjoyment. to which A said "Oh my gosh! this is amazing! Can I get the recipe!?" yup--directed her to Mama M's blog :)

So now the walls are drying and I need to go put my refugee-headboardless-bed back in place . . .for now. Tomorrow I start the hunt for the very adult, very important, life-establishing headboard and soon I'll no longer live like a refugee in my own home . . . this is a great start to 2010!

As for Get 'R Done Club--I think it's one of our most brilliant ideas yet! Cannot wait to see what Get 'R Done will mean to our lives.

Here's to Gettin' 'R Done!


  1. *whine* I wanna be in the Get 'R Done Club!!!!! *stamps foot* Wow...amazing! And, so incredibly glad that you enjoyed your Carrot Gravy! And, that you changed Tigger's nickname...I woulda been really confused with the other A...

  2. How flippin cool is this!?!? I want to be in one too!! Seriously, what a fun cool idea. I am so glad you didn't back out today, way to go girl!

  3. what an awesome idea!! not to mention fun girl time and being productive all in one day! Love it! So glad you are feeling better about your room. We expect pics of that new headboard when you find one :)

  4. I wanna join too! What a cool idea!

    Hey, glad I found your blog. You are quite humorous! I'm gonna follow as soon as I post this! Nice to meet you!

  5. Awesome!!! So glad you have this support with your friends & that you can do the same for them!
    I'm also in the no headboard category...I think that needs to change this year!!