Monday, January 18, 2010

A Dog and His Boy

Inspired by a quick Tweeting conversation with the fabulous @taxmegan from All A Bunch of Momsense ! There really IS nothing quite like the love between a boy and his dog . . . or a dog and his boy :)
(Plus, these were taken last spring and this Mom has SPRING FEVER! don't you?)

There's Tennis Ball time . . .

There's sock time . . . we call Drake a "Sock Whore" -- if there's a sock around, Drake will find it . . .sometime I'll do a whole post about Drake the Sock Whore . . .

Then there's petting-wrestling-snuggling time

They normally do this whole routine INSIDE--on my COUCH . . . .(no boys were hurt the photographing of this series)


  1. That is an awesome photo! Dang dogs and their sock habits...have you ever had to "rescue" a sock? You know...a sock that is hanging from his netherlands...from being eaten?

    Yuck...happens to my parents dog all. the. time.

  2. NOTE: DRAKE DOES NOT EAT SOCKS--he only finds them, carries them around, licks them, sleeps on them and hides them for later. He's never eaten a sock . . .GROSS :)